Profile Templates

Profile Templates let you apply custom default settings to new Profiles.  

When you create a new Profile, the config settings from the selected Profile Template are used to automatically populate the new Profile's config settings.

Profile Templates are created & edited in Global - Profile Templates.  Existing Profile Templates are shown on the first screen of the New Profile Wizard.

Available tabs in a Profile Template are:
  • Settings
  • Advanced
  • Goals
  • Scheduling
  • Summary

Only Global Admins (GAs) can create & edit Profile Templates.  Both GAs and Collection Managers (CMs) can use Profile Templates when creating a new Profile.

Profile Templates are not linked to a Collection: you assign the Collection when you create a Profile.

Neither Datasources nor Filters are available in Profile Templates, since both Objects are linked to Collections.

To create multiple Profiles that use the same Datasources & Filters:
  • identify an existing Profile that contains the correct settings, Datasources, Filters, etc.
  • use the Copy button to create additional Profiles with the same settings
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This category contains articles for the various config settings within each Profile.