Goals Overview

In Angelfish, Goals help you understand how Visitors use your website | web application, and how effective your marketing initiatives are at driving Visitors towards a Goal.

A Goal is a Page that is viewed after a desired action is completed.  Each Profile can have up to 5 configured Goals.

Goal Examples:
  • A "Thank You" Page, viewed after successfully submitting a form
  • An order confirmation Page, viewed after successfully placing an order

Each individual Goal can be incremented once per Visit.  Using the first Goal Example...a Visitor that successfully submits three forms during one Visit only registers one Goal.

Goals are calculated during processing.  If you change Goal settings, the new settings will only apply to newly-processed data.


Angelfish calculates three Metrics for each individual Goal:

#: Number of conversions
  • The number of Goals observed during the selected Date Range

%: Conversion rate percentage
  • The number of Goals observed divided by the number of Visits
  • Most Visit-level reports also show this Metric in the "Conversion %" column

$: Total conversion value
  • The number of Goals observed multiplied by the Goal Value 

These Metrics are shown in the Metrics dropdown menu, above the datatable for most reports.

Goals are defined in the Goals tab of the config settings for each Profile.  

When you define Goals, you must update 3 settings for each Goal:
  • Name
  • Value
  • Page

Enter a short (yet descriptive) name for the Goal. This name appears in the reports.

  • Thank You Page
  • Newsletter Signup
  • New Account

Enter a whole number (no decimals).  This setting lets you assign a number to indicate the importance of each Goal: important Goals should have a higher Value.

The Value setting also allows you to use the value of each Goal when comparing marketing initiatives / pages / demographics / etc.

This is the Page (not the full URL) you want to track as your goal. Use of Regular Expressions is recommended.

  • ^/products/contact-us/complete
  • ^/site/index\.cfm\?pageid=332
  • thank-you$
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