User Accounts

In order to login to Angelfish, you need a valid User account.

Users are able to login to Angelfish, and the User Access Level determines the activities the User can perform.

Angelfish has 3 User Access Levels:
  • Global Admins: can access everything - GAs have full create / edit / view / delete permissions
  • Standard Users: can only view reports for Profiles they are allowed to access
  • Read-Only Users: similar to Standard users but cannot change any settings, like passwords

When you first install Angelfish, the "admin" account is the only valid User in the application.  Additional Users must be added.

Standard & Read-Only Users can be given access to Profiles in the following places:
  • Profile Config Settings: Users tab
  • User Config Settings: Profiles tab
  • Collection Config Settings: Users tab

Granting access at the Collection level gives the User access to all current and future Profiles in the Collection.

You may have read about Collection Managers in another article: Collection Manager is a status, not a User Access Level.  Only Standard Users can be assigned Collection Manager status.

Help Article: Collection Managers
Creation date: 4/18/2022 10:46 PM      Updated: 5/30/2022 7:01 PM