Collections Overview

Collection are used to group Objects.  These Objects include:
  • Profiles
  • Datasources
  • Filters
  • Lists
  • Service Accounts

When you create a new Profile | Datasource | Filter | List | Service Account, it must be assigned to a Collection.  

Collections are exclusive: Objects in a Collection can only use other Objects in the same Collection.

For example: 
  • a Profile can only use Datasources or Filters that are assigned to the same Collection
  • Datasources & Lists can only use Service Accounts assigned to the same Collection

Angelfish installs with a Collection named "Default" - Global Admins can change the name of this Collection and/or create new Collections in Global - Collections.


Good question!

Collections exist so Global Admins can delegate management of the Objects in each Collection to Collection Managers.

Help Article: Collection Managers
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