Enable Ask Your Admins (AYA)

Angelfish is a self-hosted software product.  Only your Angelfish admin team can make changes to your Angelfish instance.

The Ask Your Admins (AYA) feature lets all Angelfish Users (including other admins!) send questions directly to your Angelfish admin team.  Your admin team can either answer the question, or open a ticket with Angelfish Support.

The AYA feature is accessed in two places:
  • User Home: Ask Your Admins button
  • Left Nav: Help - Ask Your Admins

To enable AYA, a Global Admin needs to configure the following settings:

1) Admin Email Address

At least one of the User accounts with Global Admin rights must have a valid email address in the User's Email Address field.

We recommend all Global Admins (GAs) and Collection Managers (CMs) have a valid email address, as both can be sent AYA messages.

Admin team members can opt out of receiving AYA messages by checking the "Don't Send AYA Emails" setting in the User's config.

2) Email Settings

The Email Settings tab in Configure - Global - Settings needs the following fields filled out:
  • Angelfish Server URL
  • SMTP host
  • SMTP port
  • SMTP username
  • SMTP password
  • Reply-to Address


If AYA message is sent from a report screen:
  • Message is sent to CMs for that Profile's Collection
  • If no CMs exist, message is sent to all GAs

If AYA message is sent from User Home or Admin Home
  • Message is sent to all GAs

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Creation date: 4/18/2022 10:48 PM      Updated: 6/8/2022 11:30 PM