Route AYA Messages to Internal Service Desk

If your organization has an Internal Service Desk for IT & Software support, it's a great idea to create an Angelfish User account with Global Admin rights for the Service Desk.

Here's why: Angelfish is a self-hosted software product.  Only your Angelfish admin team can make changes to your Angelfish instance.

A User account for the Service Desk provides Angelfish support coverage for:
  • staff turnover
  • time off
  • shifting responsibilities 

Once the Angelfish Service Desk User is created, you can route all Ask Your Admins (AYA) messages through the Service Desk instead of having messages sent directly to Angelfish admin team members.  Here's how:
  • Use the Service Desk email in the Service Desk User's Email Address field
  • Select "Don't Send AYA Emails" in the User settings for all GAs and CMs

Creation date: 4/20/2022 4:42 PM      Updated: 5/29/2022 2:50 PM