Release Notes: v2.56

Release Date: November 10. 2023

v2.56 is a patch release that includes the following:
  • resolves a sessionization delay with AGF Profiles that use old versions (older than v100) of angelfish.js
  • adds RegEx logic for Log Format delimiters
  • makes the Status Code & Method optional during the Pageview calculation

AGF: sessionization delay

agfdata: Support RegEx in Log Formats
agfdata: make method & status optional
Admin UI: Optional Method & Status
Log Formats: Enable RegEx checkbox
New Azure Blob Log Formats
New Log Field: Request URI
Creation date: 11/9/2023 7:08 PM      Updated: 11/10/2023 1:11 PM
New Features are included in point releases: v2.40, v2.50, etc.

Minor versions contain bug fixes and general improvements: v2.45, v2.54, etc.