SharePoint Online Overview

Starting with v2.60, there are two methods of tracking SharePoint Online (SPO) with Angelfish:

  • Microsoft API
  • Tracking Server & SPFx

As with all other Angelfish Profiles, these methods are designed to run automatically once setup.

Each method has its benefits and limitations, and you can use both simultaneously - you don't have to choose only one!

Both methods are explained below, with links to setup instructions.

Microsoft API

With this solution, Angelfish accesses your SPO instance directly and downloads data so it can be processed locally.

Angelfish downloads SPO Audit Data, Page Titles and User Info...and uses it to create reports.

The primary advantage to this solution is that it's unblockable.  The SPO Audit Data doesn't rely on JavaScript-based tracking, which means you're able to reliably see which usernames accessed which content.

By default, this solution shows:
  • Pages Viewed
  • Files Downloaded
  • Comments Created

...and can be configured with additional SharePoint Operations as needed.

The SPO Audit Data doesn't contain query parameters, which means Marketing and Search reports aren't available in Profiles that use this solution.


Tracking Server & SPFx

Microsoft doesn't provide standard access logs for SharePoint Online customers.  However, this solution lets you create your own standard access logs for your SPO environment - it's a DIY solution.

This solution uses two components: a Tracking Server and a SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Extension.

The Tracking Server is a simple web server that does 3 things:
  • hosts angelfish.js and agf.gif
  • creates an access log
  • makes the access log available to Angelfish

The SPFx Extension requires you to upload a file to your SPO site and configure it with the URL of the Tracking Server.

The primary advantage to this solution is that all reports are available.  This includes External & Internal Marketing Variables, Search, and User Analysis reports.

However, this solution uses JavaScript-based tracking...which is blockable.


Creation date: 4/16/2024 5:13 PM      Updated: 6/12/2024 12:47 PM