Release Notes: v2.60

Release Date: May 3, 2024


v2.60 introduces a SharePoint Online Data Import feature, a new set of User Analysis reports, a new GA4 Tracking method, the ability to detect Visits that block JS, and a handful of UI changes.

What was intended to be a small update turned into more than 250 tickets, summarized below.

We're excited to release these features, especially the SharePoint Online Data Import.  It's a good one!



  • Admin UI: Update Processing Logic Section Layout
  • Add Tesla User Agent
  • Available | Active Datasources
  • Block Ability to Delete the Collection with the Demo Profile
  • CSS Updates
  • Error Log: add refresh button
  • Filters: enforce lowercase
  • Licensing UI: Update Link
  • Link Update: Open a Support Ticket
  • Profile Home Updates
  • Report Redirection
  • Show "Available <Object>s" Header Bar when no Items exist
  • UA Segments: Add Plus Segment
  • UA Reports: enforce lowercase if selected
  • Update Demo Profile
  • Update UI Icons
  • Update JQuery
  • Update SPO Profile Template


  • Admin Home Doesn't Fit in Minimum Screen Width
  • Admin Home: TH Link Not Working
  • Admin home queued jobs modal throws console error.
  • Admin Home: NaN in Processing Status
  • adminutil -rotate not preserving file metadata when zipping
  • Advanced Search: case sensitivity
  • agfdata memory leak
  • agfdata not releasing memory after job
  • agfdata using 2% CPU when idle on Linux
  • Bulk Update Window Misaligned
  • Clear contents of \data\tmp\ after transfer
  • Email Cert Error
  • External/Internal Impression reports/segments busted with more than 1 thread
  • External Impressions Memory Leak
  • Linux Installer: Valid Answer Not Cached
  • lists with windows line endings fail to parse on linux
  • Page Title LTF Encoding Issue
  • Segmentation advanced filtering on percent metrics busted
  • SFTP List Error
  • Task History Link Not Loading TH
  • Unknown Users in User Info Reports
  • Upgrade: Log Format not shown 2.33 to 2.60
  • Visit Count Discrepancy
Creation date: 4/29/2024 12:56 PM      Updated: 5/7/2024 3:15 PM
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