Marketing Variables Overview

Angelfish lets you track your external (inbound) and internal (on-site) marketing initiatives, and shows the performance of each marketing initiative in the reports.  These initiatives are tracked with Marketing Variables.

Marketing Variables (MVs) are a set of Dimensions that are used to describe your marketing initiatives.  You assign MVs by adding query parameters to clickable links, like text links and image links.

Angelfish has two types of MVs: External and Internal.  


External MVs are used to track inbound traffic to your website | web application.  Examples are:

  • emails: newsletters, marketing, events, announcements
  • text links
  • display ads: images, banners, etc.
  • anything clickable where you control the destination URL of the link

External MVs are available in all Tracking Methods, and the query parameters used for External MVs are editable.  This means you can re-use existing MVs from other products in Angelfish without having to re-tag anything!


New in v2.4, Internal MVs are used to track promotional activities within your website | web application.  Examples are:

  • Navigation links 
    • 2 identical links on the same page
    • buttons, text, images
  • Internal Promotions: products, articles, documents
  • Rotating image sliders

Creation date: 4/18/2022 3:14 PM      Updated: 4/20/2023 1:08 PM