How to Open a Support Ticket

Support is available for current Angelfish customers.  You must be an Angelfish Admin (Global Admin or Collection Manager) to create a new support ticket.

You can create a new ticket within the Angelfish application, in the Support tab of the Configure - Global - About page.

If you encounter installation issues or if your browser can't access the Internet, you can create a new ticket via the following link:
(enter your Server ID to access the ticket form)

Our support team's goal for every new support ticket is "one response resolution" - we want to resolve each ticket thoroughly and quickly.  (our customers love this)

You can help us provide a one response resolution when you create a new ticket: simply describe the problem and provide any related information.

For example: 
  • Each Object (Profile, Datasource, Filter, etc.) has a Summary tab 
  • The Summary tab contains a text version of that Object's config settings
  • You can copy & paste the Summary tab contents into a new ticket
  • If you open a ticket about a Profile, describe the issue and paste the Summary contents
  • We will probably ask you to send us the Summary tab contents if they're not provided!

Angelfish is self-hosted / on-premises software, and there's a team of Angelfish Admins at your organization that are responsible for managing your Angelfish instance.

Please use the "Ask Your Admins" feature in the Angelfish UI to send your question to your Angelfish Admins.  Your Angelfish Admins can answer your question directly or escalate it to the Angelfish support team.

If you'd like to learn more about Angelfish with the intent of becoming an Angelfish Admin,
start here!

Creation date: 4/18/2022 3:25 PM      Updated: 5/29/2022 2:53 PM