Service Accounts

A Service Account stores authentication credentials used by a Datasource or List.  These credentials include:
  • Username
  • Password
  • Windows Domain (optional)

Service Accounts can be used in any Datasource or List that accesses remote data.
(via SFTP, UNC, or FTP)

Service Accounts help keep passwords secure because the password isn't shared among users: it's only entered once.  Service Accounts also make it easy to update a password when it changes - the password only needs to be updated in one place!

Only Global Admins can create Service Accounts.  Once created, one Service Account can be used by many Datasources & Lists.

Each Service Account is assigned to a Collection, and only Datasources and Lists assigned to the same Collection can use the Service Account.
Creation date: 4/18/2022 10:47 PM      Updated: 6/28/2023 3:07 PM