Empty Reports
  • verify the logs contain the right data for the selected Tracking Method 
  • verify the Log Format of the Datasource(s) is correct
  • look at the processing job details in Task History: how many lines are Checked?
    • if Checked = 0, no hits were evaluated as Pages.  
    • Investigate Profile config settings & verify the Datasource points to the correct logs
    • if "Checked" and "Filtered" have the same number of lines, re-verify your Filter settings

Pages Not Shown in Reports
  • If the Profile uses AGF, does the Page reference the Tracking Code file? (angelfish.js)
  • If the Profile uses a log-based Tracking Method, is the File Type a valid Page File Type?
  • Look for the Pages in IT Reports - Hit Info - Top Files or File Types
    • If the Pages are present, segment by Status Code: do you see 200?
    • If the Pages are not present, check Filters attached to the Profile

Missing Marketing Variables
  • verify the MVs are present in the logs
  • verify the MV Parameters in the Profile's Advanced tab are correct
  • If the Profile uses AGF, verify the Tracking Code is present on the Landing Page
Creation date: 5/20/2022 7:07 PM      Updated: 6/27/2022 12:35 PM