Release Notes: v2.4 & v2.41

The v2.4 development effort was large: 885 separate issues.  Most of these issues are not shown below, like bugs discovered while testing new features.

We hope you enjoy Angelfish v2.4 as much as we've enjoyed working on it!


Admin Home
API Threading per Profile
AYA Redux
Clickpaths Modal
Decentralize Log Tracking
Email Tracking
Internal Marketing Variables
Lookup Tables
Marketing Variables in All Tracking Methods
Mobile Devices
MV Inbound Link Builder
New Attribute: Filter Level
New Email Functions
New Filter Field: Mobile Device
New Filter: SP 64
New Log Format: Auto-Detect
New Medium: search
New Medium: Self
New Object: Lists
New Object: Profile Templates
New Object: Service Accounts
New Profile Tab: Advanced
New Raw Field: Win32 Status (log)
New Report Section: Marketing 
New Report: Active Usernames
New Report: All Bot Agents
New Report: All User Agents
New Report: External Impressions
New Report: Inactive Usernames
New Report: Internal Campaigns
New Report: Internal Impression Files
New Report: Internal Impressions
New Report: Internal Mediums
New Report: Internal MV Destinations
New Report: Internal MV Origins
New Report: Internal MV Usage
New Report: Internal Variations
New Report: Low Activity Usernames
New Report: Mobile Devices
New Report: Page File Types
New Report: Profile Home
New Report: Referral Hostnames
New Report: Unknown Usernames
New Reports: Time Intervals
New Reports: Visits by <interval>
New Segment: Mobile Device
New Segment: Page File Types
New Segment: Referral Hostname
New Subcategory: Time Intervals
New Summary Dimensions
Page File Types
Page Methods
Previous Page | Next Page
Processing Rewrite
Profile Templates
Referral Hostname
Sausagize AGF Tracking Method
Segment MegaMenu
Service Accounts
Site Search
Support cloud license edition
Upgrade: Verify Config DB Schema
Usage Cost Reports
User Home


Add ticketid to all support tickets
Auto-Detect in New Profile Wizard
Bot Agents Line Graph shows incorrect data
Code Generator Changes
Collection-Authorized Users
Collections: Profile Group Redux
Dashboard Updates
Default Line Graph Interval for Time Intervals
Default Value: max_log_processors
Filter Field Updates
Filter Redux
Goals Report: Search Filter
Hide Internal Search & Page Dimensions from each other
Implement Clickable Pages & Documents
Increase minimum window size
IT Reports Redux
Landing & Exit Pages Redux
Log Format: Epoch Time
Marketing Variables Changes
Minimum TLS 1.2
Move Bulk Update
New Profile Wizard Redux
New Task History Button: Select All
Organic Medium Updates
Plus Segments in Segments
Query Param False Positives
Remove GA Upload
Rename Filter Fields
Replace ParseBrowser
Replace Sample Profile
Report Search Filter for True/False
Simultaneously Request Datatable & Chart
Status Code Report Updates
TH: 0 Lines Read Notice
Thousands Separator Syntax
Tooltip Updates
Unpack Binaries to TMPDIR, not /tmp
Update 404 Page
Update agf.conf comments
Update agf.conf max-metrics setting to 30
Update Bulk Update Label
Update cache_size default
Update Default File Types
Update Default Filters
Update Default Page Logic
Update Default Profile Field Values
Update Device Info
Update Edge detection
Update Email Login Info Button
Update EULA
Update IP DB
Update Landing Page
Update Libraries
Update Org DB
Update Profile - Copy Button
Update Totals and Line Graph
Update User Email
Update User Management
Upgrade stunnel
Upgrade: combine edg and edge
Usage Costs Indexing
Windows: add favicon to Program
YMWDHMS Selection for Time Intervals Reports


Active Usernames include Unknown
Auto-Detect not showing up in Datasource Details
Broken Links is Broken
Bulk Update Column Shift
Decode Keywords & Search Terms
Default Log Creator UA not parsed
Documents Segment isn't populating
Firefox UI Issues
Firefox: can't login after changing password
Firefox: Wider Fields in NPW 
Fragment in AGF Page
Increase ARPPS Precision
Internal Search Issues
Internal Search: 0 results issue
Linux: one angelfishd not stopping
Linux: SFTP Datasource Error
ListFields doesn't show entire line
Make (entrance) and (exit) not clickable
Metrics Menu Behind Metrics Column Label
MV logic in log-based tracking methods
Page File Type Preset Segment
Page File Types Match Error
postinstall .so error
Processing Status Doesn't Refresh After Delete Row 
S&R Filter not working
Scheduler adds --quiet
schedulerd not starting
Settings: Save Button behavior
UNC Service Account Failure
USR Visit Calculation Error
Windows offline activation doesn't create admin account
Windows: API Threading Issues
Windows: Remote Datasource Error
Windows: Service Account Issue
YMWDHMS: Console Error
Creation date: 6/8/2022 1:05 PM (Angelfish Support)      Updated: 6/29/2022 1:28 PM (Angelfish Support)