Use GA Campaign Variables in Angelfish

In Angelfish, Marketing Variables are recognized in all Tracking Methods.

If you've already tagged your marketing initiatives with Google Analytics Campaign Variables, you can easily re-use them in Angelfish.

The Advanced tab of each Profile's config contains an "External Marketing Variables" section.  Simply update each field with the Google Analytics Campaign Variable name.

For example:
  • External Source: utm_source
  • External Medium: utm_medium
  • External Campaign: utm_campaign
  • External Variation: utm_content
  • External Keyword: utm_term

The "GA4 Backup" Profile Template has these variable names.

During processing, Angelfish detects the Campaign Variables and apply them to the Visits.  

If you use utm_id for your GA Campaign Variables, you can use a Lookup Table Filter to translate the utm_id value into individual campaign variables.
Creation date: 6/10/2022 3:12 PM      Updated: 5/4/2024 11:35 AM