Admin Tasks: First Login

When you install a fresh copy of Angelfish, the application has the default config settings.

This article provides a list of settings to update the first time you login to a fresh Angelfish installation as an admin.

Immediately after installation, the only User account on the system is the admin account.

Username: admin
Password: Angelfish123


User Accounts are managed in Global - Users.

1) Create an Account for Yourself
  • Click the New button
  • Enter your details and choose Global Admin
  • Click the Save button

2) Update Admin Account Password
  • Select the admin User
  • Enter the new password twice in the appropriately-named fields
  • Click the Save button when finished
  • Write the new password somewhere!

If you forget the password for the admin account, it can be reset - you'll need to open a support ticket however.


Click Global - Settings to access these options.

1) General Tab
  • Login Settings - Angelfish Server URL
  • Enter the hostname & port of the Angelfish Server
  • e.g. http://agf.internal.corp:9000
  • Click the Save button when finished
  • The contents of this field are used in emails from the Angelfish Server

2) Email Settings tab
  • Please enter data in all relevant fields
  • Click the Save button when finished
  • Click the Send button to test the settings
  • Angelfish uses these settings for all email functions:
    • AYA (Ask Your Admins)
    • Nightly Summary
    • User: Email Login Info

3) Home Screens Tab
  • User Home & Admin Home are the first screens shown after login
  • The contents of these fields are shown in User Home and Admin Home
  • You can use HTML tags in the text fields for formatting


1) Create Service Accounts
  • Datasources and Lists can re-use the same authentication info, via a Service Account
  • Enter Auth info once, use it as many times as needed
  • More importantly: when the password changes, you only need to update it in one place
  • Click Global - Service Account
  • Click the New Button
  • Enter a Username, Password, and (optional) Domain
  • Click the Save button when finished

Help Article: Service Accounts
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